Ecological crisis as identity crisis
Johannes Kronenberg
June 3 / Shaninka / 19:00
In this contribution Johannes Kronenberg will introduce the audience to a different perspective and way of thinking about the question why humanity is facing climate change, loss of biodiversity, land degradation, limits to growth and social and economical injustice and inequality (etc. etc.). The root of these crises can't be solved with technical innovation only but needs a transformation of paradigm, as Donella Meadows — co-author of "The Limits to Growth" — was already pointing out in the 90's.

Will this be sufficient enough?
About Johannes Kronenberg
Johannes Kronenberg is an artist, a thinker and a master of science in "Strategic Leadership towards sustainability". He grew up in anthroposophical community and has since been working with this philosophy. Spiritual evolution and climate change are the topics that Johannes works as an artist, as an strategist (most recently in "Green Cross" Netherlands), and with youth (as a guest lecturer at Bernard Livegoed College and Leiden University of Applied Science in Netherlands and in Youth Section at the Goetheanum - School of Spiritual Science in Switzerland.
Gazetnyj lane, 3-5s1 (Газетный переулок, 3-5с1). Metro station Okhotny Ryad
Gazetnyj lane, 3-5s1 (Газетный переулок, 3-5с1). Metro station Okhotny Ryad

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